Manicure Tech

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Course features
  • Author: Natalija Antonova
  • Level: Beginner
  • Study time: X hours
  • Video time: X hours
  • Exams: X
Course overview
Are you looking for a way to better your career or begin to learn in an area you may desire? Or are you still scared of cuticle work?

Beginner or advanced you can always find new techniques to bring to your clients. I can help, whether it be to learn from scratch or overcoming you fears and improve your skills to give you the confidence to proudly provide this service to your clients. While also blowing the competition out of the park. Manicure tech from A-Z is a smashing training program with 3 techniques:
  • classic 
  • combined
  • e-file only
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Certification included
Not only will you receive an accredited certificate but also these wonderful gifts:
  • Student book 
  • 3 months after course support 
  • 10% discount for nail tech insurance

What's included?

  • Informative videos
  • Printable PDFs
  • Assessments
  • Homework

Become a Technician 

Learn the skills to become a leading technician in the field and offer your client techniques they have never had before.

Personal brand

Learn how to put the build your own personal brand, portfolio, social media presence and how to deal with clients using psychology to understand certain behaviours.

Classic Manicure

Manual + Cuticle cutters 
This manicure is perfect for the clients who stand by the classic technique, this is an Eco-manicure. Also perfect for male clients and is safe and gentle which allows it to be kid friendly.

Combined Manicure

E-File + Scissors
This manicure is for the perfectionists and those who want an immaculately clean cuticle. This will accelerate your the speed of your performance while still maintaining the quality

E-File Manicure

E-File Only
This manicure is for those who are afraid of sharp objects. While also slowing the regeneration process of the cuticle and leaving a smooth, polished finish on the skin
"Wow! The standard of teaching is above and beyond expectation. I attended the Russian Manicure course after a recommendation from a previous attendee, and I have learnt so much, not only the practical side but the theory behind it all too. I cannot believe the patience of the educators as I am not the quickest learner, but not once was I made to feel a nuisance.Outstanding education, 10 out of 10"
Caroline Turner
"I attended Russian Manicure and WOW! Natalija is so knowledgeable and a fantastic educator. The theory work is very in-depth and beyond anything I have been taught previously. The practical is shown in great detail, making sure you understand every step! Natalija has so much patience and makes you feel very relaxed. I loved every minute of my course and will 100% be returning for further training in the future."
Sharon SN Nails
"I had my first training with Natalija. I'm not gonna say anything new, basically AMAZING! I'm so impressed with the knowledge, attention to details, easy to understand advice, mistakes correction etc. She even knew what I'm doing wrong by just listening to the nail drill 😲. Very professional and educated teacher, definitely best course I ever attended!Only one thing I regret is I didn't book with you earlier.Thank you." 😘
Agnieszka Kwiatkowska
Meet the Educator

Natalija Antonova

Hi, my name is Natalija Antonova. I am an educator and proud founder of this very academy. This course was a long project of mine that I have nurtured and mulled over into what you see today.

I hope you enjoy all the aspects of this course from the finer details to the big picture, we will make you a technician and a good one at that.

Join our Naetika family and reap the benefits of this course that will make you an elite technician, one that is able to work anywhere they desire with these fabulous techniques.

Patrick Jones - Course author
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