PodoDisc Pedicure

#1 What are they?

I will tell you all about Sateks Podo DISCS, what are they, difference between sizes, how to use them. 

#2 We'll talk about the speed.

You will learn how to shorten the time needed by using the PodoDiscs.

#3 Of course quality!

Learn how to improve the quality of your pedicure job. Your clients will surely notice the difference between your pedicure and other nail salon and will come back!

#4 Price

Learn how to make the whole process be more economical. We'll talk about the total cost of materials for one client and the price of the service.

#5 Term of wear

Learn how to make your pedicure last longer and how to make the feet of your client look pretty for a longer period of time.
What is PodoDisc Pedicure?

PodoDisc pedicure is a innovative development and a cool alternative to the usual method of treating feet without soaking(e-file pedicure)

In fact, this is another direction of e-file pedicure, but an additional drill bit in the form of a round discs is used in the working process- it is made of Medical steel with disposable infills matching size abrasive stickers.

It's simple: we immediately take dry heels and turn them into fabulous soft, silky pillows. Then we can complete the procedure with any technique of your choosing.

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