Pedicure Pro

Join this wonderful course where you will not only receive the fundamental knowledge of pedicure but also the highly praised KART pedicure to stand out from the completion.
Upon completion you will receive:
  • An accredited certificate
  • 10% off ABT insurance 
  • Student Book
  • 20% of all KART products 
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Course program:
  • Anatomy of feet and toenails, 
  • Tools and equipment 
  • Professional and care cosmetics 
  • Cracks 
  • Hyperkeratosis 
  • Hyperhidrosis 
  • Infectious and non-infectious diseases of the feet and nails
  • The rules of aesthetic technique
  • Practice on the model


Course program:
  • The advantages and disadvantages of e-file technology,
  • E-file types
  • Servicing 
  • Types of drill bits 
  • Abrasiveness, 
  • Rules for working on skin, 
  • Rules for working on the nail plate, 
  • Practice on the model

Perfect Toes

Course program:
  • How to cut the nails correctly 
  • Anatomy shape vs Portfolio shape
  • Cuticle types and shapes
  • Drill bit overview
  • Drill bit step by step
  • Ideal product application


Course program:
  • Cosmetological approach in pedicure practice, 
  • What is pH 
  • Acids and alkalis, 
  • Review of the professional line of cosmetics KART 
  • Nuances when working with hyperhidrosis, 
  • Cracks, 
  • Hyperkeratosis, 
  • Analysis of recommendations and care cosmetics. 
  • 9 protocols for dealing with problems 
  • 1 protocol KART SPA procedures, 
  • Practice on the model

Course reviews

I have just completed the Deep pedicure course with Natalija. Very impressed, lots of information about anatomy , products, tools etc. also a good amount of time for practical. Natalija is amazing, she gives clear instruction and guidance, answers every question. She shared so many hints and tips and I have left feeling very confident and also that Natalija gives me lot of business advice. This course is what I was looking for!!! Thank you so much 
Alla Kireev
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